Liu Gang Work Show on SUPER FUSION 2021 Chengdu Biennale

Super Fusion: Chengdu Biennale 2021
Chengdu Tifanfu Art Park, Chengdu, China
November 6, 2021 – April 6, 2022

The 2021 Chengdu Biennale, one of the largest art events in Southwest China, will kick off on November 6 at the Chengdu Tianfu Art Museum and Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum in the capital city of Sichuan Province. Artworks from more than 270 artists from home and abroad will be on display at the biennale across eight exhibitions. 

According to event curator Fan Di’an, the Super Fusion: Chengdu Biennale aims to become a platform to promote international creative exchanges, allowing people to deepen their understanding of different cultures and establish new connections between Chinese artists, communities and their overseas counterparts. Fan noted that international art exchanges are very important, especially in the pandemic era, because they can “create a good environment for mutual reconciliation and promote China’s tolerance of multiculturalism.” 

Liu Gang work on “Super Fusion 2021 Chengdu Biennale”

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